The Coaching Session

A session consists of a Client interview conducted by the Coach to determine the nature of the Client's problem or the reason for which they have sought hypnosis therapy.










After the Coach and the Client have established a foundation of rapport through honest, open, human interaction, the Client is asked to lay or sit in a comfortable position from which they can receive a hypnotic (Meditative/Trance) induction. At this point, the session begins.










The Coach guides the Client with hypnotic language into a deep state of relaxation akin to meditation. The Client is conscious at all times, but because their eyes are closed and their inhibitions and worries removed, they are able to observe the quiet inner-workings of their subconscious mind. From this vantage point, they are guided by the Coach to discover and heal aspects of themselves of which they were previously unaware. Root emotional causes of disease, dysfunctional behaviors, addictions, toxic relationships, and a host of other issues can be discovered and, through careful processing, eliminated or changed for the better. It must be said that the Client has the important responsibility of applying the resources discovered during the session in their everyday life. It is not the job of the Coach to 'heal' the Client, but to teach them how to use self-hypnosis to establish these powerful and amazing inner connections that will carry them through to the other side of their issues.











The Client has full control of the session at all times and is only encouraged, supported, empowered, and advised by the Coach throughout the duration of the process; an amazing journey straight to the root of the maladies, large or small, that can plague everyday life. The Coach is a vehicle of support who uses techniques and specific language to guide the Client through their own process of self-hypnosis therapy. One fact must be stated emphatically: The Coach is not in control of the Client's mind, nor should he be considered the 'healer' of the Client's issues. This system is revolutionary and unparalleled in its efficacy and is the best choice for anyone suffering from an emotional, physical, or spiritual disturbance.


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