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The Lover and the King: The eternal struggle (or unfolding love story) of The Head & the Heart

September 18, 2019


“The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.”

— Pema Chödrön


Our struggles with ego begin early in life. Essentially, the first time we choose one thing over another, the persona takes root and begins its long road of blossoming into what will eventually be known as the ego. Interestingly though, before we’re even sure of who we are, we’re warned against the pitfalls of arrogance and narcissism. We think that in order to fit in, we must avoid these maladaptations like the plague. And to a certain extent, this is true. However, I submit that this is the point where deep in our subconscious we welcome the belief that the ego is evil. And this is a grave mistake.


My hope is that this writing sheds light on some recent personal revelations that convincingly point to the idea that the ego is merely a tool of consciousness and not the treacherous tyrant we’re taught it is. Let me explain: I see the ego tool very clearly being used by the ever-evolving spiritual entity to simulate a playground of polarity — an illusion — through which we can experience dramatic pressure and in turn, evolve spiritually.


Thanks to our deeper understandings of Quantum Mechanics we’ve been able to see that the Multiverse is a place where separation is actually impossible, as all energy is fused together in one infinite tapestry of electrical impulse. Much like the fact that without environmental pressure upon evolving species, there would be no evolution; so too is the case with spiritual evolution. Heightened emotional drama and strife give one the opportunity to choose unity over division and thus mature along their karmic path.


When we allow this spiritual worldview to include the idea of the ego, we see very clearly that the ego has a divine purpose as the great prism through which we can perceive the catalytic division of the world around us. Sprinkle in some self-awareness and we have the perfect vessel of spiritual expression available. Furthermore, the functions of the ego as it relates to the mental plane are simple: the ego promotes division in the mind of humanity to support its divisional tactics.