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The New Age Inversion

January 9, 2019

Seven Reasons Why Love and Light May Come with a Price

Okay, okay, I know. For those of you who are aware of my work, this topic might seem a bit hypocritical, but hey — I’m only human. I’m on this same ride of spiraling unfoldment as you are, so just know this: I pledge to continually refocus my view of reality, adjusting to and testing new info as it’s presented and never wasting my mental energy on fixating upon one belief system for too long. All I can do is gnostify my way through this web of opposing energies until I’ve landed on something I can stomach for long enough to write an article about.


Sure, that sounds negative, but c’mon, are we not living in the most impermanent universe ever? How are we to become rigid about any form of thinking when we truly have NO IDEA what’s going on out there?

But honestly, I find comfort in that impermanence. I like that I don’t know. I love that there’s more to know and I won’t stop in my pursuit of truth no matter how arduous the journey becomes — I can promise you that!

Please note that I write this article not as a venting arena for my own discontent but, rather, because I believe that all of us deserve the opportunity to continue to expand our awareness. It has come to me intuitively that certain aspects of this New Age belief system feel almost incomplete — like there’s something more beyond its scope that we’re not being let in on.


As I adopted this investigative mindset and began observing the movement with new eyes, many inconsistencies started to sift out. The most glaring of which is simple: the New Age movement has embedded in its tenets the disempowering surrender of one’s capacity of free-thinking to an outside force. Sounds a bit like religion, right? “Please let the priest caste tell me how God wants me to live! I know no other way.” Well, unfortunately in the case of the New Age movement, we’re replacing priests with Ascended Masters, Angels, and ETs.


Simply put, the New Age movement has us looking outside of ourselves for new learnings and wisdom. This was quite a revelation to me as it contrasted with my age-old belief that all true wisdom must come from within the individual. And interestingly enough, I thought that the movement had this rule covered — but boy, was I wrong. More on this in a minute.


Following are seven aspects of the New Age movement that I find a bit fishy and if we take just a minute to unravel this mess, maybe we can begin to find the surface for some fresh air.


1. Promotion of Division

Unfortunately, the New Age mentality is truly divisive in its language and even though it promotes Love and Light, there might be a darker agenda at play. Let me explain: notions of hierarchy such as transcendence, ascension, and raised vibration perpetuate a thinking that promotes division. If I have a higher vibration than you, I may easily think of myself as different or even better than you. Terms like these invite the ego to rub shoulders with a much more fundamental level of self which unwittingly has us fusing spirituality with competition. This can be very destructive thinking and yet it is promoted whole-heartedly in the New Age movement.


2. A Solipsistic Worldview


Solipsism: the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

Ever noticed how the New Age movement promotes the idea that the perception of the single observer holds the only true reality and all other forms of life are merely illusions in their grand virtual arena? Is there anything more self-aggrandizing than this perspective? It seems to me that honoring all lifeforms, not just a distorted mind stuck in a life-like video game is the more rational and morally-sound path.


Furthermore, it’s irresponsible to simultaneously live from this perspective and promote service to others over service to self. The idea that you are the center of your universe and you’re in service only to others is completely contradictory. The idea of “service to” in and of itself promotes not only division but subordination as well. Isn’t the point of all this to stand in our own spiritual sovereignty and not be in service to any entity? Think on that for a minute.


3. Mother Earth’s Dispensability


Probably the most abhorrent item on this list is the ridiculous notion that our Mother Earth is base, gross, and of a low vibration. To refer to her in this way is to blaspheme the very life we’ve been birthed into. All too often the New Age movement mentions the need to transcend this 3rd density suffering or to disallow ourselves from our Earthly indulgences and lower nature.


I choose to embrace my creature-hood, thank you very much. If being an Earthling is so detestable, then let us move to Venus and be done with it! Wrong. We are here for a reason. We are here to honor she who lives and breathes beneath us. We are here to see her for the planetary incarnation of the Divine Feminine that she is. So beautifully physical on one hand and vexingly multi-dimensional on the other. As we grow, she teaches and forever gives; as we suffer, she comforts. She is perfect. And while we’re incarnated upon her, she is our link to our higher nature — to connecting with that radiant fractal within us — and from which, to the Universal Mind of Unconditional Love. I only hope to honor her in everything I do.


4. The Chakra System: Our Blissful Prison

Ok, this one might come as quite a surprise. But, just think for a moment about our seven chakras. What if I were to submit that these nodes within us that correspond to both our nervous system and our etheric bodily layers may be implants placed in us to distract us from discovering our single connection to Infinity? Would you immediately recoil in discomfort or would you be open to the idea?


Look at it this way: as you are born into this world, you are the sum total of an already aligned chakral system which is why you’ve been able to incarnate in this highly-attuned spiritual body in the first place. The idea that we possess from birth a corroded and malfunctioning chakral system that constantly needs tuning and updating is the same idea as Original Sin. To think that we were born with a malignant and impertinent spectrum of spinning wheels which directly correlate to our either embarrassingly low or our divinely high vibration is just silly.


Frankly, any ideology that promotes a disenfranchisement of my very being merely because I exist is at least a distraction and at most a deliberate subversion. Now, I’m not saying that chakras don’t have their place — quite the contrary, in fact. M