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The Energetics of Love pt1

September 6, 2016


Part I - The Field of Connection 


Sitting in my office, across the long black desk from me sat Anna. She, a lovely woman in her forties, looking to receive trance work to rid herself of residual emotions after a painful divorce some years back. And I, a young Trance Coach with little to no experience with divorce other than the observation of my own parents’ split during my fifth year on this Earth.

We couldn’t have known then, but we were in for quite a treat.


Her curly black hair bobbed as she regaled me of her past. Her hands spoke as eloquently as her voice, painting a picture of a seemingly strong relationship that had at one point gone terribly awry.


As she wrapped up her tale, I assured her that she had most certainly come to the right place (a completely honest statement). I was confident that my techniques could help because as she spoke, something in her effusive language and inflection resonated with my own sense of compassion. This woman has heart, I thought. And at that moment it struck me, as if from a whisper on the wind — hers is an issue of energetics.


By energetics (a term used rather sparingly), I refer to the purported invisible web of connection interpenetrating all existence; a model which I use in my practice to explain spiritual phenomena such as thought transference (telepathy) and non-local empathy (feeling another’s emotion from afar). Malleable and acquiescent, I’ve witnessed within my own experience this web responding to direct thought and strengthening when heartfelt connections are introduced into its vast matrix.Imagine a sea of etheric currents, churning and undulating with vividic correspondence. We as the sealife are either influenced by or controlling of this interconnection — but more often than not we are at the whim of its causation. An example being a daughter’s affinity to her mother beginning in the womb but being maintained later in life due to the energetic ‘cords’ which are a part of this web — a condensed avenue of love transference.


The existence of a web or ‘field’ of interconnection, has both confounded and delighted with ecstatic curiosity the scientific community for decades. As early as 1935, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr and F.S.C. Northrop speculated upon the existence of an ‘interconnectedness’ individualized by an etheric body surrounding singular lifeforms. This ‘body’ is shown to respond directly to the etheric ‘field’ which surrounds it. In Dr. Saxton’s paper, The Electrodynamic Theory of Life, he designates these phenomena as the L-fields, or “fields of life”.


“The pattern or organization of any biological system is established by a complex electro-dynamic field which is in part determined by its atomic physiochemical components and which in part determines the behaviour and orientation of those components. This field is electrical in the physical sense and by its properties relates the entities of the biological system in a characteristic pattern and is itself, in part, a result of the existence of those entities.”


Essentially (if you missed the point in that jungle of words), the above quote refers to the curious yet entirely calculable phenomenon of the sentient body’s energetic signature and both its affect on its surrounding environment and visa versa. Amazingly, what can be observed is a symbiosis between entity and environment. We haven’t yet been able to fully understand the implications of such a find, but the fact that we’ve both observed and measured its presence is just incredible.


Now, since this ground-breaking paper was published, much scrutiny has befell the notion of an empirically-founded metaphysical school of thought. As time went on, more and more of the scientific community has devoted their awareness to this study. As credibl