What are you seeking?

Mental Balance
Anxiety Disorders, Phobias, Insomnia, Negative Self Talk, Motivational Issues, Low Self Esteem, Impotence, etc.
Depression, PTSD, Childhood Trauma (Re-Parenting, Re-Birthing, etc.)
Addiction Issues (Drugs, Drink, Smoke, Shopping, Sugar, TV, Sex, etc.)

Physical Fortitude
Chronic Pain; Disease (Lyme, Rheumatism, Cancer, etc.), Injury Reparation, Chronic Pain, Infertility, Weight Loss, etc.


Spiritual Sanctity
Higher Self Work, Inner Child Work, Guide Work (Inner Archetypes)
Past Life Regression (Karmic Clearing, Creative Ability Retrieval, Relationship Contracts)
Emotional Clearing for the Spiritual Seeker, Male/Female Polarity Balancing (Inner Mate Work)
Alchemical Tarot, Regression for Abductees/Experiencers, Dreamwork, and much more!

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Book an Intro Call with Zane Wheeler, CCHt prior to scheduling to determine a suitable treatment plan, discuss program pricing, and time for a session. Zane is committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner.

As a courtesy to all clients, Zane provides a complimentary follow-up e-mail detailing the highlights of the session.

Want a recording? Bring your phone or other recording device and go for it!

I do not provide recordings in-house.

Please be aware that a 50% No-Show fee applies.

If canceling within 24 hrs prior to a session, be prepared for a 30% fee.

Step into your POWER.

"As an Awakening Coach, I use a combination of sophisticated healing modalities driven by Self-Communication as a vehicle for my clients' transformation in-session. These are the very same techniques that I utilize to balance my own energies regularly. The work is a process of teaching these practices so one can experience the same freedom that I feel on a daily basis.

This work provides practical techniques to overcome everyday obstacles."


 - Zane Wheeler