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"With Zane's help we have gotten to the ROOT of my depression and I quit taking my medication 4 months ago."

"I recommend Zane unequivocally to anyone seeking a unique and powerfully transformative experience."

"He was very practical with clear communication...while also being extremely deep in his spiritual presence." 

"Zane's method is a direct path to success, enlightenment, and self-realization."

Welcome to

The Online Home of the Hypno-Coaching Practice

of Zane Wheeler, CCHt

Zane's unique method of coaching helps to address and clear the underlying emotional causes of any obstacle with which the heart or mind may grapple. Coaching sessions use an alert state of hypnosis/meditation and allow for recall of the session as well as participation during. Sessions are received in a relaxed and comfortable, therapeutic setting.


Think of this work as meditative talk therapy.

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Skeptical about Hypnotherapy?
That's totally natural.
For your peace of mind, let's see what science has to say...
• Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

• Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions
Study published in a 2007 article by Health Magazine

"This is a process of de-hypnotization, if you will. Man is asleep; this process wakes him from his slumber"

- Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Master

Welcome to the Next Step
on Your Spiritual Path!

Whether you're looking to excel in a corporate setting or learn to live as an empowered Empath, Zane's here to help you (re)learn how to heal yourself with the power of the mind! Unfortunately, we've been talked out of such abilities but now is our time to step up and again become the masters of our minds, bodies, and our spiritual and emotional health!

"Zane represents the best blend of amiable support and professional excellence."

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Zane Wheeler, CCHt

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What Do You Need Help With..?

Mental Complexes / Emotional Instability

  • Anxiety Disorders, Phobias, Insomnia, Negative Self Talk, Motivational Issues, Low Self Esteem, Impotence, etc.

  • Depression, PTSD, Childhood Trauma (Re-Parenting, Re-Birthing, etc.)

  • Addiction Issues (Drugs, Drink, Smoke, Shopping, Sugar, TV, Sex, etc.)


Physical Complications

  • Chronic Pain; Disease (Lyme, Rheumatism, Cancer, etc.)

  • Injury Reparation, Chronic Pain, Infertility, Weight Loss, etc.

Spiritual Sanctity

  • Higher Self Work, Inner Child Work, Guide Work (Inner Archetypes.)

  • Past Life Regression (Karmic Clearing, Creative Ability Retrieval, Relationship Contracts.)

  • Ascension Therapy for the Spiritual Seeker, Male/Female Polarity Balancing (Inner Mate Work.)

  • Alchemical Tarot, Regression for Abductees/Experiencers, Dreamwork, and much more!

Your Spiritual Life Coach

"Together, we'll break the trance of an unfulfilling life"

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"I am advocating the truth in Alchemy...To experience! To realize! To have found 'the light that shined in the darkness'..."

-Frater Albertus, FRC

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